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For every artist (schedule) you create in Artwin Live you can invite users to view gigs or work together on the entire schedule (edit and delete). The invitation process and roles are explained in the article "Share an artist schedule with another user", but in this article we tell you more about what gigs group members with a particular role are eligible to view or edit.
Group member roles
To explain the principle we illustrate the concept per available role.
Administrator role
A group member with administrator role is eligible to view, edit and delete every gig. All details including the booking fee and fees of every individual group member are visible to that user. So please keep that in mind if you invite a user and assign the administrator role to him/her.
Manager role
A manager will be able to see every gig in the schedule, but will not see the "Client billing details" section of the gig. Only the fee you assigned to that user is visible to him/her (including the text you entered in the description field) in a new section called "Member fee".
Member role
A group member with the member role assign to will only see gigs where he/she is a fee member. Only the fee you assigned to that user is visible to him/her (including the description field) in a new section called "Member fee".
In this concept you can control what gigs a user will see in their account, by adding that user to the group members of a gig. With the extra view permission in the group members settings, you can also make other gigs (tentative, Confirmed or Appointments) available to the user. The user will not see any fees in those gigs, unless you added that user to Group members with a fee.
You've created a schedule called "The Band" with the following member structure.
The tour manager
Your tour manager must be able to see all confirmed and tentative gigs, so you assign the Member Role with Confirmed and Tentative as Extra gig permissions. With this setting he will be able to see every confirmed gig, but also the tentative ones. Even if you didn't add him to group members in a gig. He will only see his fee if you add him as a group member to the gig and assign a fee.
The default members
You might want to do the same for the default members of the band, but also add Appointments to the extra gig permissions.
You can also assign the Administrator Role instead to these guys if they may see the Client billing details with all the fees of the group members.
An occasional musician
You might have an additional musician, like a guitarist, or a substitute for a default member. You only want to show confirmed gigs where he has to appear. In this case you assign the Member Role to him without any Extra gig permissions. When the occasion occurs you add this person as a group member to the gig (and assign a fee). This may also still be a tentative gig.
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