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This article is intended to inform agents, artists and managers about how to set the booking fee, distribute fees to group members and create invoices. Please refer to the Invoices article if you'd like to create an invoice without using the gig budget mechanism.
Setting up invoices
Logon to your Artwin Live account, open your Account Settings via the User menu at top right and open the Invoice Settings.
Logo or Header image
Upload your logo in JPG or PNG file. If you select Header Image, the image will be shown over the width of the page instead of just your logo in top left corner.
Paper size
Select your preferred PDF output paper size: A4 or Letter.
Business details
If you only uploaded a logo, then enter your business details here. This will be printed on the top right corner, but will be ignored if you've selected Header Image.
Footer Text
This text will be printed at the bottom of each invoice.
Payment terms (days)
Used for setting the payment date. x days from the invoice date.
Set the default currency for your invoices.
Tax %
Set the default Tax percentage for your invoices. Can be sales of value added tax.
Default price settings
Click on the artist you'd like to set the default price for on the left side of the screen, then click the settings at the top right and click Default price settings. If you just want a fixed fee for every gig you create, you only have to set the Booking fee.
Group members
You can assign individual fees to group members you've already invited. If you do not have any group members invited yet, go to Members at the top right and follow the invite group members manual.
In Default price settings click "+ Add member", Select the Member from the invited group members list. Assign a fee for his/her performance and enter a description for the member. Save the setting. You can enter a default fee for every invited member.
Booking fee
If you use Group members you don't have to set a booking fee if the total of all group members is the total amount to be invoiced to your client. You may enter an additional fixed booking fee or calculate a percentage for the booking fee based on the total group member fees.
Client billing details in gigs
The default price settings will be copied to all new tentative or confirmed. You may alter the fees anytime in your gigs. Click the edit icon (pencil) in the "Client billing details" section top open "Invoice details and booking fee".
The debtor: Just like Promoter you can lookup a debtor you've used before in gigs or create a new debtor for this gig. You may also edit a debtor you've looked up for a new gig or edit the details in an existing gig.
Currency: For every gig you can define a currency if you like to use another currency than your default currency in you Account Settings.
Tax %: Set to 0 if you do not want to use tax. This tax value is the default tax value over the total amount invoiced. When the invoice is created you can alter the tax value for every invoice line.
Booking fee: This works just like Booking fee in the default price settings of the artist.
Group members in gigs
You can only assign fees to group members that have already been invited. If you do not have any group members invited yet, go to Members at the top right and follow the invite group members manual.
Click "Add group member" in the gig to add a group member to the gig, set a fee and add a description for the member.
Create invoices
If you've set all the price settings in the gig you can now create an invoice. Click the "Create invoice" button to open the Create new invoice screen. Now you may still alter the settings in this screen if you like.
Please refer to the invoices article for more information.
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