XML/JSON dataset widget

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What is this widget for?
The XML and JSON widget provide all gig data from Artwinlive.com schedule in XML or JSON datasets. Application and website developers can use this data for websites and other applications.
The data sets are provided as they are The use of these widget are unsupported and at own risk. We do not provide example code in any programming language other than code mentioned on this page.
How to generate this type of widget?
Logon to your Artwinlive.com account. Open the User-menu (click on your name) at the top right and choose "My Widgets". Click on "Create new widget" and select "XML" or "JSON" as Export type. Don't forget to give your new widget a title. Save your widget and copy the "Your widget is available here:" URL.
Date and VirtualDate fields
If an artist has a performance on Sunday 3:00AM in the morning, we usually refer to this as Saturday 3:00AM at night. The DateStart and DateEnd fields represent the real start and end times of a performance. By default the VirtualDate for all gigs that are between 12:00AM and 6:00AM will have a value one day earlier. (the offset can be set in the user's schedule settings)
Please note that gigs in the XML and JSON data set are ordered ascending by the DateStart date.
Status ID
The Status field provides the status of the gig. Return values:
0: Tentative
1: Confirmed
2: Appointment
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